How to Get the Perfect Fit

Here are a few foolproof pointers to help you get the perfect fit for your pup every time you order apparel and accessories from our store!

We carry several brands and they all have unique size charts. Sometimes, a brand's sizing will even vary between items, so you really have to check every product.

If you follow these instructions carefully and check you dog's measurements against the the range listed on the product's size chart, you'll never have to return anything!

an illustration of a black and white pit bull type dog indicating the proper way to measure the neck, length and girth of a dog.

Measure Your Pup!

Finding the perfect size starts with getting accurate measurements of your dog's:

1. neck, taken at the base, where a loose collar would rest

2. rib cage girth, taken around the fullest part of the torso

3. spine length, starting at the base of the neck and ending just shy of the tail

No metal tape measures, ever!

Not only are they totally inaccurate for measuring anything round, metal tape measures are cold, sharp and make weird noises that can potentially scare your dog. We don't want that! If you don't have a fabric or paper one, download and print the full size one below:

Printable Tape Measure

Make sure your dog is standing!

If your pup is sitting, laying, rolling, running or zooming, please wait to begin measuring until they're calm and standing still. It's also useful to have a second person with yummy food who can treat and praise them while you get measuremens

If your dog's measurements fall between sizes or you just aren't 100% sure, we're here to help! Text 828-348-4139 or use the contact form below