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who we are, what we stand for and how we give back!

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Who, What, Why & How?

Fit for a Pit is a small, woman-owned and family-operated business opened in 2013 to help dog parents find the best products for their pups without having to shop in dozens of different stores. We've done the research and testing for you and are continually learning & collecting data about all the coolest new stuff for dogs!

Manufacturers send us new products to try, we subscribe to pet product news, listen to our customers’ feedback and attend Industry trade shows to learn about new products and find out what’s on the horizon for pups. We are not corporate affiliates, we've never been paid to promote or review products and we don’t rely on social media for product ideas & recommendations. 

We thoroughly test all products on a variety of different dogs and this process often takes months. (We’re super picky, so about 90% of what we test doesn’t make the cut)! Because our goal is to help keep dog parents from wasting hard-earned money on things that fall apart, don't fit or are dangerous, we only stock products that are safe, durable and won't end up having to be replaced every month.

Arming pet parents with high-quality food, toys & gear can help keep dogs happy, healthy and in their homes for life. Providing physical exercise, mental stimulation, force-free training, proper socialization & good nutrition makes it possible for modern dogs to live longer, lower-stress lives than their ancestors did. We want to help keep your dogs and ours around for as long as possible!

a woman wearing a pink hat and grey coat crouching in a snowy yard between 2 fawn pit bull type dogs wearing black snowsuits. below that is an image of a white pit bull type dog laying in a bed



Company Values


Fit for a Pit is against any kind of discrimination and we only support, promote or partner with individuals, corporations or organizations who stand with us. We believe bigotry is based in ignorance and unwarranted fears. (It's also the reason BSL exists).

Supporting Small Businesses

We're a small business, so many of the products we carry are made by other small businesses like ours. The larger brands we carry are ethical, socially conscious and at their core, have small business values: great relationships with their suppliers, paying employees and contractors fair wages and continually monitoring manufacturing processes for quality and compliance.

Made in the United States

All food, treats, supplements, grooming products, toys and chews in our shop are made in the United States. Buying domestically-made products makes it easier for us to ensure quality & safety while having better control over restocking and shipment lead times. It also feels right to support businesses that provide US. jobs and inject money back into their local communities.

Responsible Manufacturing

Our in-house canine clothing line, America's Dog Apparel, is 100% made in NC and SC from raw materials sourced in the Southeastern United States.

The other apparel brands we carry that manufacture overseas use facilities that participate in ethical manufacturing-monitoring working conditions and ensuring that textile workers are always paid a living wage.

Earth-Friendly Pledge

Fit for a Pit has always been an eco-conscious company. We exclude printed invoices from shipments and our in-house apparel doesn't have plastic packaging, stickers or hang tags because we feel like those items add unncessary waste. Leaving excess paper and plastic out of shipments also allows us to use smaller shipping packages and continue to pass shipping savings along to customers.

Whenever possible, we reuse boxes from our stock orders and we try to ship all items together in modest-sized packaging. This helps us keep our carbon footprint (and yours) smaller!

Donating Product, Profit & Time

We give all overstock, irregular and gently used items to The Street Dog Coalition. This Colorado-based organization provides free medical care and supplies to the pets of people experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness. They are committed to protecting the human-animal bond by helping people, rather than judging. They have teams in over 60 U.S. cities and are always expanding.

We donate Freedom No Pull Harnesses to Kennel to Couch, a Maryland-based 501(c)3 that sponsors pit bull-type dogs who have been in shelters the longest. K to C markets the dogs, sponsors adoption fees and sends adopted dogs home with a "Pibble Package" to help them settle into their new home (and stay there). They believe all dogs should be trained without the use of force and they provide adopters with a library of educational materials about positive training.

We donate occasional products and monetary donations from specific products to Pinups for Pitbulls. Their mission is to educate the public about responsible pet ownership, creating safer communities and ending BSL. The organization empowers canine advocates through science-based facts and strives toward all dogs being accepted as individuals. They also market dogs in need of homes on their social media pages which results in hundreds of adoptions annually,

We have a donation-matching partnership with Squishy Face Studio (who make the amazing flirt poles). We occasionally donate products or gift baskets to 501(c)3 groups looking for ways to exercise their dogs or raise money at their events. If we give one, they give one, etc. 

There are months when we're donating 100% of our profit and there are months when there's not much of a profit to donate! But we are always donating. 

This business also allows our founder to donate more time to her #1 passion in life: volunteer work! Here are her main objectives as a volunteer: 

1. To help reduce euthanasia rates by finding and implementing ways to keep pets in their homes

2. To help dogs get out of the shelter faster by working on leash manners, adding kennel enrichment, taking photos & video and giving them much-needed breaks from the chaotic environment. 

3. To help dog parents learn about training without force by providing free DIY resources and connecting them with accredited, force free trainers in their area. 


Want to know about how we advocate, personally and professional, for dogs? We'll be explaining our mission & core values as advocates in a blog post soon, so please make sure you're subscribed!
A black and white pit bull-type dog being petted by a person (only the arm is shown) with the words "Pit bull-type dogs are just dogs" under it

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