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TEAR OR CUT THE PACKAGE OPEN CAREFULLY You might need that packaging later

LEAVE TAGS ON Please step away from the scissors. Items with tags removed are not eligible for return

TRY IT ON YOUR DOG BEFORE LETTING THEM WEAR IT  Dogs are furry and love to roll in stuff. So when you get that sweater, quickly try it on your pup indoors (preferably with no wrestling mates nearby). 

MAKE SURE YOUR DOG IS CLEAN BEFORE TRYING THE ITEM ON Dirt and funky smells transfer onto natural fabrics very easily. Mud, slush and debris also do this. 



LET US KNOW IMMEDIATELY You can do this via your fit4apit account or EMAIL US. Unauthorized returns will be returned to sender, so please don't send it back until it's been authorized

RE-USE ORIGINAL PACKAGING It doesn't matter if it becomes frankenpackage. Help us conserve by reusing packaging.

REMOVE DOG HAIR, INSIDE & OUT DO NOT SEND US DOG HAIR! We have more than enough dog hair already. If you don't have a lint roller, a piece of tape or velour-type lint brush works well. Please don't make us lint roll your sweater and vacuum. If it has dog hair on it, a 15% cleaning fee will be deducted from the refund.

PLEASE DON'T SEND US SMELLY ITEMS If there is a smoker in the house, stash the return in a smoke-free area until it goes to the post office! If you have heavily scented candles, air fresheners, oils or burn incense, put the return in a zip loc bag or other airtight bag until it's ready to go to the post office. Please don't try and cover smells by using Febreze or washing the garment. We will know. Smelly items will result in a 15% cleaning fee deducted from the refund. Please be considerate! 

IF THE ITEM HAS VELCRO, BE SURE TO FASTEN IT COMPLETELY Leaving velcro unfastened will cause the garment to become damaged during shipping. Once re-fastened, velcro won't come undone unless you pull both sides with your hands... it doesn't come unfastened during shipping, so we don't accept that as an explanation for damage. Items damaged due to velcro will be returned to sender. 

WE WILL EMAIL YOU A PREPAID RETURN LABEL AND DEDUCT $7 FROM THE REFUND There are many safeguards in place to catch sizing errors and if we see a mismatch between the size you ordered and the weight of your dog, we'll reach out to help correct the error before shipping. Because we make every effort to prevent size mistakes by having measuring info and measurements listed for every item, AND we double check with you if it looks like something is amiss, we do not cover return shipping for size mistakes. 

If you have a great rate for a shipper and would rather use your account:

USPS FIRST CLASS IS BEST FOR ITEMS LESS THAN 1LB It's cheap and is just as fast as Priority. You can print a label at the kiosk in any USPS lobby and it takes about 1 minute ( doesn't give you a First Class option, another reason why the kiosk is best)            

EVERYTHING SHIPS BACK TO US Unless there's a manufacturing defect and we've advised you to send to another address, send everything to the address below. Be sure to include your name. Once your return has been authorized and the item is packaged up and ready to go, send to: 

Fit for a Pit  P.O. Box 2002  Leicester, NC 28748


For manufacturing defect: please take 2 clear photos of the defect--one showing the entire garment and one close-up of the flaw-- and EMAIL US right away. We'll send a replacement and a prepaid label for the return (in some cases, the manufacturer may want the item back to inspect for prevention of future construction mistakes).

ALL RETURNS (wrong size, changed your mind, wrong item, or defective) HAVE TO BE BACK HERE WITHIN 2 WEEKS FROM THE DAY YOUR ORDER WAS DELIVERED TO YOU

Please don't throw it in a car and forget about it! Many items are seasonal and stock is always changing, so you may find that the size you need is out of stock. So the faster it gets back here, the more likely you are to get the size you need.


Once the package has been received and inspected, we'll issue a refund immediately. Unless otherwise noted, original shipping fees are non-refundable. Our credit card processor has an auto-refund feature, so all refunds go back to the original form of payment.  We do not store credit card numbers.

We handle refunds promptly, but once we do our part, it's up to the customer's bank to finish the process. Typically, the refund will appear in your pending transactions within 1-2 business days (most retailers like to say "you'll see the refund within 1-2 billing cycles, but we've never actually seen a refund take that long for anyone, ever). If you don't see it in your account within 2 weeks, please contact your bank.

If you have created an account on and would prefer a store credit, we can refund the item to your account. The next time you order, make sure you are logged in first and the credit can be used during checkout!  



If you are purchasing toys, chews or fitness equipment, please read the item description. We describe the durability and purpose of all chews and toys and always advise you to purchase the correct size for your dog (a larger mouth needs a larger toy). If you feel that the toy is defective, please email a photo and description, as it may be covered by manufacturer's warranty. Items that have damage due to the toy being the wrong size for your dog or misuse (i.e., a flirt pole that was used as a chew toy) are not eligible for return. Non-chew toys that have been destroyed (puzzles, work-to-eat toys, fetch balls) are not eligible for return. 

Used flirt poles and tugs are not eligible for return. Not all dogs will go after a lure or pull on a tug toy right away and may need to be trained first to enjoy them (yes this is possible and works most of the time!) If your dog isn't appearing to be interested in the toy, email or message us and we'll send links to videos that will help get your dog loving the toy!


As long as they have not been opened, you can return any of these. Please make sure lids are secured before shipping. We can send a label and $7 will be deducted from the refund.


Unless defective, items described as custom-made or special order (ex: a size, color or style that we don't stock) are not eligible for return. 


In-stock harnesses (solid colors, size M, L or XL) are eligible for return. Custom patterns and sizes are made to order and therefore are not eligible for return.  In the event that your dog is left unattended with the harness on and chews through it, 2Hounds Design has a fantastic replacement program via their Chew Through Guarantee. Let us know and we can walk you through the process and we'll send a link where you can purchase the replacement harness for a fraction of the original price. For domestic orders, the replacement fee is $12.99 which includes shipping and a return label for the damaged harness. Canadian customers pay $12.99 and International $30.99. 



WHAT TO DO IF YOU RECEIVE A DAMAGED PACKAGE: Please leave all packaging intact and EMAIL US immediately. We'll need to submit clear photos of the packaging and/or damaged item(s) to USPS, or the actual packaging and items, so don't throw away any damaged mailers or boxes. If your item(s) is in stock, we'll send a replacement right away. If it's out of stock, we'll refund you for it or send a comparable item of your choice. 

WHAT TO DO IF TRACKING REFLECTS THAT YOUR PACKAGE MIGHT BE LOST: Especially around holidays, USPS runs slower than normal and tracking info may not always reflect the actual status of the shipment. Sometimes it says it hasn't even been scanned in yet. Even in normal times, we often see incorrect tracking updates (I.e., the package has been delivered or the package has gone to 15 different postal facilities). Sometimes, postal staff will incorrectly scan a package as delivered before the delivery has taken place. If tracking shows it has been delivered but you haven't received it, or if there is an update stating that the delivery is delayed, please give it a few days and check again. We do not have access to additional tracking information--when we check tracking info, we see exactly what you see. Once it leaves our hands, we no longer have control over the package.

A pandemic, extreme weather, fires, terrorism, etc all affect shipping transit times for the entire country, no matter where the event has taken place. During or after these events, shipments are often re-routed through different hubs to avoid delays, so you may see your package circling back towards you or heading in the wrong direction. Despite all of this, packages usually end up in the right place and everyone is happy! We've shipped many thousands of orders via USPS since 2013 and (knock on wood!) only a scant few have ended up officially lost. 

If it's looking unlikely that the item will get to you, you can visit your local USPS and have them put a tracer on the shipment, which sometimes reveals more information. Since it is impossible to reach USPS by phone, this can only be done in person. We are not able to keep tabs on where every package is at all times, so if your shipment is taking longer than normal, please understand that we are totally unaware of this. When you contact us about a delayed or lost package, be kind. It really is not our fault.

IF TRACKING INFO SAYS "DELIVERED" BUT YOU NEVER RECEIVED IT  Items showing as "delivered" are not technically lost and are therefore not eligible for refund, replacement or insurance claims. Please check your order info and make sure the address you gave us was correct. If the address you entered was wrong, plesae try to retrieve the package from the person who accepted it at the other address, or ask your mail carrier to try and retrieve it for you. We cannot retrieve packages that were delivered to the wrong address. 

If the address was correct and you haven't received it within 48 hours of the item being scanned as "delivered", it may be a case of package theft. Unfortunately, package theft is now a fact of life everywhere. Thieves drive to nice neighborhoods and remote areas to steal mail, so no package is exempt from this vulnerability. It is up to us to protect our personal mail from theft.

If you live in a building with a common mail area, have an unsecured mailbox or your mail carrier leaves packages on an exposed deck, porch or stoop that is accessible to passersby PLEASE USE A MORE SECURE SHIPPING ADDRESS. Have it delivered to your work address, a P.O. Box, a friend or family member's home with locking mailbox. Fit for a Pit is not responsible for replacing or refunding items marked as "delivered" and USPS will not pay insurance claims on delivered packages. 

Please remember: 


Unauthorized and self-mailed returns that arrive without enclosed information/order number will be held until the sender contacts us. 

Thank you for understanding and abiding by our return policy. We make every effort to prevent returns from happening in the first place, so hopefully you'll never need to read this again! 



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