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Myos Canine Muscle Formula

Myos Canine Muscle Formula

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MYOS Canine Muscle Formula uses a single, all-natural ingredient called Fortetropin®, which has been shown in multiple clinical studies to accelerate gains in muscle mass, improve mobility and enhance recovery from injury.

Fortetropin® is a unique formula derived from one of nature’s most nutrient-dense substances: fertilized chicken egg yolks. The MYOS scientists developed a patented process to harness their immense power and the resulting ingredient is Fortetropin®.

Veterinarians reported that older dogs engaged in more physical activity after consuming Fortetropin® and even resumed certain activities that were thought to have stopped because of age. We used this to help our senior dog stay strong and stable and have seen noticeable muscle mass gain since starting her on it. We also noted much less muscle loss when our younger dog was recovering from his second TPLO surgery. This really is an incredible supplement!


  • all natural, one ingredient
  • clinically proven to help build muscle
  • improves mobility
  • speeds up recovery from injury or surgery
  • 12.7 oz contains 120 scoops 
  • Made in USA


100% Fortetropin®, a formula derived from raw fertilized chicken egg yolks

Meet the Brand

MYOS is dedicated to improving pets' lives with products that have been clinically proven to support muscle health. Their products have worked wonders for their personal dogs, and they're proud to say that thousands of customers' dogs are also experiencing the benefits!

Research has shown that better muscle heath leads to better mobility, vitality and quality of life. All MYOS products are backed by multiple clinical studies and their team has a Veterinary Advisory Board to help with product development.

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