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How to Measure Your Dog

a line drawing of a white and black pit bull-type dog with lines showing where to measure neck, ribcage girth and length

Here we'll explain how to pick the right size, so you never have to return anything! Customers often say "My dog usually wears an extra large" but size charts vary wildly because clothing manufacturers cut their clothes differently. Unfortunately, this often results in disappointment when the item doesn't fit...

Luckily, we've found a way to remedy this problem and it's nearly foolproof! It starts with measuring your dog. Below you'll find all the info about where and how to measure dogs for a perfect fit. Once you have the numbers, record your dogs' measurements for future reference. 


Size charts are available to view on each product's page--just click the "size chart" link and the chart expands! 

screen shot of a product page showing where to find the size chart


Always use a fabric or paper measuring tape. Metal construction tapes don't wrap around things easily, so it's nearly impossible to get an accurate ribcage measurement using a metal tape.  Also, the feel of cold metal and the noise can annoy or even scare your dog. If you don't have a fabric or paper tape measure, we've got you covered! Just download and print our measuring tape (use landscape format when printing).

No printer? No problem. Just use a piece of string or rope. Mark your measurements off, then lay the string or rope flat and measure it with a metal tape measure or yard stick

illustration of a metal tape measure in a red circle with a strike through it and a fabric tape measure with a green check mark over it


Start with your dog in standing position. If your dog is sitting, laying, rolling, jumping or stretching, the reading won't be accurate. If you have a helper, it'll be easier--one person to hold the pup's attention (preferably with yummy treats) while the other does the measuring. Keep it positive, fun and calm! Use a quiet voice and if your dog is concerned about this weird thing you're doing, take a break and let them walk it off, then try again later. Never use force.


1. LENGTH: Place one end of the tape at the base of the back of your dog's neck, where a loose collar would rest. Run the tape straight along the spine and take the measurement right before the tail begins (many dogs have an indentation there).

2. NECK: Wrap the tape measure around the widest part of your dog's neck --this is the base of the neck, where a loose collar would rest. *For our hoodies, take this measurement closer to mid-level, since these sit higher on the dog's neck to prevent them from sliding over the shoulders

3. RIBCAGE GIRTH: This is really the most important measurement for Pit bull-type dogs! Keep your dog in standing position. Looking at your dog from the side, locate the widest part of the ribcage and wrap your measuring tape around it, keeping the tape measure flat against the body but not tight.


a line drawing of a white and black pit bull-type dog with lines showing where to measure neck, ribcage girth and length


Measuring for hats or snoods:

Wrap the tape measure around the meatiest part of your dog's head. For snoods, also take a neck measurement.

If it turns out your dog is in between sizes or you just aren't sure, we're here to help you! We know everything about each garment and depending on the item, may recommend going up or down in size. You can text us at 828-348-4139 or email


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