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Animal Essentials

Tranquility Blend

Tranquility Blend

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Animal Essentials Tranquility Blend is an herbal tincture designed to safely calm animals during acute episodes of anxiety without diminishing alertness. Especially helpful during thunderstorms, fireworks, and travel. Also used with success by many shelters and rescues to help reduce kennel stress on dogs and cats! Does not have a sedative affect and will not impair physical dexterity, so it's safe to use for training and activities. 

** 6 oz size is meant to be used to refill empty 2oz bottles, so it does not have a dropper cap


  • 100% human-grade, certified organic herbs
  • vegetable glycerin based
  • tested for purity in a USA-based analytic lab
  • contains less than 3% grain alcohol
  • certified organic or ethically wild harvested herbs
  • easy to use, just add to food or give with a soft treat


a proprietary blend containing extracts of certified organic valerian root 1:4, skullcap herb 1:4, passion flower herb 1:4, oat flowering tops 1:4, vegetable glycerin USP, distilled water

Meet the Brand

The mission of Animal Essentials isn’t just to provide the finest supplements for animals, but also to create an interlinked community of well-informed animal lovers that are connected by common bonds of compassion and deep respect for animals, their natural needs, and the sustainability of the products they use.


Animal Essentials' commitment is to support and strengthen these bonds by providing people with the information and education they need, through on-site educational events and webinars, social media and links to holistic veterinary resources within their communities. 

The company is based in Phoenix, AZ

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