a tan and whote pit bull wearing a green plaid fleece vest lays on a beige dog bed next to a red Air Jordan shoe

Pet Supply Chain Issues May Impact You and Your Pets

Wish I was a dog right about now. They have absolutely no idea what's going on. I mean, look at this guy--not a care in the world!

A white pit bull type dog lying on his back on a dog bed, in front of a white brick fireplace.

The last couple of weeks have been so surreal, I honestly haven't known what to say to anyone about it. I've felt like I should be saying and posting meaningful things but everything sounds so hollow. So I've avoided talking about it and for the most part, it's been business as usual around here. The post office is still open, so I've just kept my head down and worked...and I'll keep on keeping' on, as long as circumstances permit.

I decided to speak up today because I received several emails this morning from big suppliers regarding measures they're taking to help slow the spread of the virus. Although most are still operating normally, the possibility that they may have to shut down for a while is very real. Since all pet retailers--even chain stores and online stores-- purchase directly from manufacturers and/or from regional & national distributors, we will all be in the same boat. These pet supply chain issues may impact you and your pets.

How might this affect us:

Well, the items you rely on always being in stock (just like our new most precious commodity, toilet paper) could suddenly become scarce. That includes pet food, supplements, treats, etc. If government officials continue to mandate closures of "non-essential businesses", local pet supply stores in some cities and states may even end up having to close until these restrictions are lifted. You might still be able to purchase food and supplies at grocery stores during this time but as you know, the selection and quantity at most grocery stores is limited. And once restocked, it will probably sell out again very quickly.

Maybe it won't happen... I'm hoping it won't. But we're preparing for the possibility of not being able to restock and even for not being able to get supplies for our own dogs. I'm not writing this to scare you. Many people aren't even thinking about their pets' food. Understandably! We've all had to suddenly switch gears and make these major lifestyle changes, pretty much overnight. Life isn't normal right now. And those who ARE thinking about it may not even be aware that pet supplies may become increasingly difficult to find.

If you feed your pets any kind of special diet or supplement, it's a good idea to stock up now. Refill prescriptions, too. Don't turn into a crazy hoarder like people are doing with hand sanitizer!! Just make sure you have a little extra. If you can afford it, keep some on hand for others in need. Please visit your local (preferably small & independently owned) pet retailer to do this. THEY are the ones who will be hit the hardest by long closures and many may not be able to re-open. A surge in sales now could help carry your local mom & pop shop through the difficult times ahead. Be sure to tell them I sent you. ;)

After you go get your pet supplies, for Pete's sake, WASH YOUR HANDS! (If they're not cracked and hideous by now, you're doing it wrong). Hug your pets for me and if you can swing it, become a hermit. Let's kick this unwanted visitor to the curb!