Meet the Brand Brightkins/Hunger for Words

Brightkins/Hunger for Words is a partnership between Brightkins and Renowned Speech Therapist Christina Hunger (Mother of Stella the Talking Dog). When Christina first taught Stella how to talk, she did it with the same recordable buttons now being made for Hunger For Words. In addition to being the original dog communication tools, her products are the only ones that come with step-by-step instructions by Christina herself. When you buy Hunger For Words products, you’re getting tools that are designed by Christina, approved by Stella, and ready for you!

Brightkins is the pet toy branch of Learning Resources, an award-winning Illinois-based children's educational toy company launched in 1984. All Brightkins toys are designed in consultation with certified professional dog trainers and are based on the science of how animals learn. 

Their treat puzzles and training tools help dogs avoid boredom and anxiety through playful learning that gets the whole family involved! Our dogs are part of the family, so the folks at Brightkins want to keep them happy and healthy. The safety standards applied to their pet products are the same as the ones for their preschool toys.