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Wooly Snuffle Mat

Wooly Snuffle Mat

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The Wooly™ Snuffle Mat engages dogs’ powerful sense of smell as they snuffle, snort and sniff their way through the mat to find treats or kibble! Built to stimulate dogs’ natural foraging instincts by mimicking the hunt for food in grass and fields, Wooly feeds both their belly and their brain. Sustainably made, Wooly is a great way to turn meal or snack time from a quick, mindless chow down into an interactive and engaging experience. This means a more active and more rewarding day, every day but is especially great for providing mental stimulation for dogs on activity restriction due to injury or surgery. 

Each Wooly Snuffle Mat is sustainably handmade by one of Paw5's  global community partners in Thailand and Ghana. The fabric is a combination of virgin and upcycled cotton and polyester, so every Wooly has a unique look and feel. To ensure the safety of our products, all materials are tested to certify they are safe.

Check out the Wooly on YouTube.


  • 16" x 13"
  • a great boredom buster for rainy days
  • handmade from safe, non-toxic materials

Meet the Brand

Philadelphia-based PAW 5 began in 2015 with a simple problem: co-founder Dennis O’Donnell was trying to find an easy-to-use, but challenging feeder for his yellow lab, Dory. Some products were challenging, but were also messy and difficult to fill. Others were easy to fill, but more frustrating for Dory than they were engaging and enriching. So he decided to build a team of dog-crazy people, and together made their first enrichment product, the Rock ’N Bowl - an easy-to-use, easy-to-clean puzzle feeder that challenges and engages dogs in their most natural behavior. 

Their next step was to figure out how to manufacture it, and discovered that some companies are unsustainable, others aren’t necessarily bad for their community and environment but don’t contribute much beyond that, and then there are those select few companies that add more to their world than they take from it. We call these businesses “sustainable” or “triple bottom line" and knew right away we wanted PAW5 to be part of that conscientious third group!

The folks at PAW5 like to call it “sustainability as a product” - meaning their sustainability efforts and their products are inseparable. The Rock ’N Bowl is made in a zero-waste process only 300 miles from their Philadelphia headquarters and the Snuffle Mat removes 2lbs of textiles from landfills, by using safe, recycled fabrics. The padding you’ll find in their shipping boxes is actually cardboard from our office that has been cut into re-usable netting. And if you look in some animal shelters, you'll find a Rock ’N Bowls, because donating to shelters is actually a part of their zero-waste manufacturing.


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In the case of manufacturing defect, we will send a return label with a replacement product. Please visit our Returns page for further details.

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