Who, What, Why & How?

Fit for a Pit is a small, woman-owned and family-operated business opened in 2013 to help dog parents find the best products for their pups without having to shop in dozens of different stores. We've done the research and testing for you and are continually learning & collecting data about all the coolest new stuff for dogs!

Manufacturers send us new products to try, we subscribe to pet product news, listen to our customers’ feedback and attend Industry trade shows to learn about new products and find out what’s on the horizon for pups. We are not corporate affiliates, we've never been paid to promote or review products and we don’t rely on social media for product ideas & recommendations. 

We thoroughly test all products on a variety of different dogs and this process often takes months. (We’re super picky, so about 90% of what we test doesn’t make the cut)! Because our goal is to help keep dog parents from wasting hard-earned money on things that fall apart, don't fit or are dangerous, we only stock products that are safe, durable and won't end up having to be replaced every month.

Arming pet parents with high-quality food, toys & gear can help keep dogs happy, healthy and in their homes for life. Providing physical exercise, mental stimulation, force-free training, proper socialization & good nutrition makes it possible for modern dogs to live longer, lower-stress lives than their ancestors did. We want to help keep your dogs and ours around for as long as possible!

a woman wearing a pink hat and grey coat crouching in a snowy yard between 2 fawn pit bull type dogs wearing black snowsuits. below that is an image of a white pit bull type dog laying in a bed