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The best stuff for stocky dogs since 2013

Meet the Brand Petzlife

PetzLife is dedicated to bring to the domestic pet owner unique all natural products that will improve their pet’s overall health and will also add years of life! PetzLife is also dedicated to product safety.

Dr. Ashok Patel earned a Ph.D. in bio-chemistry, specializing in the study of how the human body interacts on a chemical level. He was continually drawn to study how natural oils and extracts can be more beneficial than chemical compounds in affecting overall health. His love of biochemistry has helped PetzLife Products market new innovative products not only for the pet industry but for humans as well. 

Dr. Patel’s quest for pure ingredients compelled him to purchase for a state of the art laboratory & manufacturing company (Centre Manufacturing) and a highly-specialized machine from Germany that will allow him to extract oils from seeds at optimum therapeutic value. His research with Neem Oil, Rosemary Oil, Grape seed Oil, Thyme Oil, Grapefruit seed extract and Peppermint Oil are extensive and date back for over 20 years.