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The Times They are A-Changin'

Confession of an OCD germaphobe

I've been taking excessive safety precautions for no reason at all since around 1975. I'm not even kidding! So despite the tragic reason behind all this current washing up, I love to know that humans are finally learning how to keep their hands and surfaces clean. Forever trying to find the bright side...

I wanted to let you all know what we're doing to make sure outgoing orders are safe. Like many other states, NC is now under a stay at home order but we preemptively locked ourselves down over 2 weeks ago because, well... see above. I'm generally a hermit anyway, so it wasn't a big deal for us to stay home.

We operate fit4apit from our home and the stock room and packing/shipping station is right here. I process and all orders and my husband and I deliver all of the packages to USPS. We're being soooo very extra careful about disinfecting surfaces and washing our hands, so we can be sure that all outgoing items are safe and clean!

If you're worried about handling during transit, wipe packages down with a disinfecting wipe and wash your hands before removing the contents. Please avoid spraying disinfectant on packages! Cleaning products can infiltrate seams and damage items inside.

Changing the way we ship.

Until stay-at-home orders are lifted, we'll be shipping orders out on Tuesdays and Fridays to reduce our risk of exposure. The local post offices here have a whole hazmat setup now (which is at once alarming and comforting) but we still want to keep errands to a minimum. Once it's safe, I hope to return to shipping 6 days a week again!



Our stock order last week came in light again and I've had a couple more emails from supplierswho are having issues with shortages. I think this probably hasn't peaked yet, since big retailers continue to over-stock in anticipation of customers over-purchasing...sigh...

The good news is that I haven't been notified of any plants or warehouses actually closing, as pet suppliers continue to be exempted. (we were told Miami was on the fence about it, so hopefully this trend continues!!)




Since orders have slowed down and edible items have a shelf life, I need to clear our treats out before they get too close to their expiration dates. Please help me get them off the shelves faster!

Buy a few bags to fill those work-to-eat toys or use them during your DIY stay-at-home boredom-buster trick training sessions!  GET 'EM WHILE THEY LAST!

*No coupon required!! 30% is automatically deducted in the cart. Sale ends when treats sell out! (I'll be restocking again in the future)

You guys! Thank you for the orders!

Every online store has a thousand employees and warehouses in every city, right? Not true. There are so many small, family-owned-and-operated businesses online. And just like us, many don't have investors and won't get relief from corporate bailouts or have access to stimulus-related loans.

So I wanted to thank you all for your continued support. I'm so amazed and grateful every time I see a new order come through! The fact that there are people who agree that a "Pit Bulls Cuddle Better" hoodie is a very essential quarantine purchase gives me hope that the world can return to some kind of normal on the other side of this.

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