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Fit4aPit Got a Big Makeover

Fit4aPit Got a Big Makeover

I'm a long-time online shopper, and this is exactly how I want all web stores to function! We were able to keep it looking fun and fresh thanks to my dear friend Natasha at Lux55. She's kept the website looking cool over the years and I couldn't do what I do without her!

By heather mcclain-howell
A highway alonside a mountain that has washed out due to mudslide. A truck and 2 cars are covered with mud

Update on Our Puffer Coat Shipment

In my 8+ years running this store, I've never seen anything like this incredible series of unforeseen, unprecedented events. I've been answering emails and DMs asking if we are eliminating coats from our lineup, customers think we are never getting more.

By heather mcclain-howell
a fawn and white brindle pit bull type dog yawning, wearing a bright blue hoodie

America's Dog Apparel is here!

After several years of intensive development, we finally started making original apparel! America's Dog Apparel is here! Why did it take so long? Well, we wanted to do it right.

By heather mcclain-howell
A brown pit bull has its neck measured by human hands

How to Fit Your Pit (or any other type of dog)

To get the best fit and eliminate the need for returns, always refer to these instructions because the measurements listed were all taken using these guidelines. This is very specific to

By heather mcclain-howell
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The Times They are A-Changin'

We operate fit4apit from our home and the stock room and packing/shipping station is right here. I process and all orders and my husband and I deliver all of the packages to USPS. We're being soooo very extra careful about disinfecting surfaces and washing our hands

By heather mcclain-howell
a tan and whote pit bull wearing a green plaid fleece vest lays on a beige dog bed next to a red Air Jordan shoe

Pet Supply Chain Issues May Impact You and Your Pets

The last couple of weeks have been so surreal, I honestly haven't known what to say to anyone about it. I've felt like I should be saying and posting meaningful things but everything sounds so hollow.

By heather mcclain-howell

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