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Peacock Snuffle Mat

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We're totally in love with the fun shape and colors of the Peacock Snuffle Mat! Hide high-value treats under the "feathers" for a long-lasting treasure hunt that will keep your pup's senses engaged. You can even hide treats in the flaps around the peacock's neck for an added challenge. 

Snuffle Mats engage a dog's sense of smell and let them work their brains to find all the bits of hidden food hidden. Fun for cats, birds, lizards, bunnies, too! All pets enjoy foraging and it's such a great way to train while offering relief from boredom.  

Durability rating

Foraging Toys are either made of hard plastic (puzzle toys) or soft fabric (snuffle mats). They have drawers, flaps or soft pockets that are meant to be filled with bits of food to engage dogs’ natural foraging instincts. These are safe for all dogs but should always be given under supervision. If the dog tries to chew the actual toy, gently encourage them to open compartments or lift layers for them to reveal treats. If the dog insists on chewing the toy instead of foraging, they may be too excited and it's best to remove the toy and try again when the dog is more relaxed. Once the toy is empty, wash and store out of reach.




  • Great for enrichment
  • Measures 9.5" diameter when closed and 14" diameter when fully open
  • Soft, felty fabric with no sharp edges or rough textures
  • Can hold hundreds of bits of food
  • Non Toxic

Meet the Brand

Injoya was founded by pet guardians who are committed to improving the lives of pets by thoughtfully designing and manufacturing the high quality, innovative enrichment toys. Their snuffle mats are delightful brain games that awaken a dog's instinct to forage and explore the world with their noses, which keeps dogs busy and more content. 

The company's mission is to provide toys that train pets in a postive way that will sustain a healhier state of mind and enhance the bond between people and their pets!

Returns & Warranty Info

Unused items with all original packaging can be returned within 7 days of delivery.

In the case of a manufacturing defect, items can be sent back for replacement within 30 days of delivery. Please visit our Returns page for further details.

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