Company Values


Fit for a Pit is against any kind of discrimination and we only support, promote or partner with individuals, corporations or organizations who stand with us. We believe bigotry is based in ignorance and unwarranted fears. (It's also the reason BSL exists).

Supporting Small Businesses

We're a small business, so many of the products we carry are made by other small businesses like ours. The larger brands we carry are ethical, socially conscious and at their core, have small business values: great relationships with their suppliers, paying employees and contractors fair wages and continually monitoring manufacturing processes for quality and compliance.

Made in the United States

All food, treats, supplements, grooming products, toys and chews in our shop are made in the United States. Buying domestically-made products makes it easier for us to ensure quality & safety while having better control over restocking and shipment lead times. It also feels right to support businesses that provide US. jobs and inject money back into their local communities.

Responsible Manufacturing

Our in-house canine clothing line, America's Dog Apparel, is 100% made in NC and SC from raw materials sourced in the Southeastern United States.

The other apparel brands we carry that manufacture overseas use facilities that participate in ethical manufacturing-monitoring working conditions and ensuring that textile workers are always paid a living wage.

Earth-Friendly Pledge

Fit for a Pit has always been an eco-conscious company. We exclude printed invoices from shipments and our in-house apparel doesn't have plastic packaging, stickers or hang tags because we feel like those items add unncessary waste. Leaving excess paper and plastic out of shipments also allows us to use smaller shipping packages and continue to pass shipping savings along to customers.

Whenever possible, we reuse boxes from our stock orders and we try to ship all items together in modest-sized packaging. This helps us keep our carbon footprint (and yours) smaller!