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Dinosaur Egg Treat Dispensing Toy

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Slow dogs down at mealtime by serving their food inside the Dinosaur Egg Treat Dispensing Toy!  Fill it with wet food mixed with fruits, veg, meat, training treats or kibble for a work-to-eat toy or fill with dry food and watch your dog bat and nose the egg around to get the treats to spill out.  Either way, your dog's brain is engaged and working hard, which means they're having fun!

Fill and freeze for a longer-lasting treat, which is great for occupying busy dogs when you have visitors, go on car trips, or just a rainy-day brain game.  Fantastic for distracting nervous dogs during vet visits, too!

Durability rating

Work-to-Eat toys are an excellent way to exercise a dog’s mind while they work to remove food from the toy’s cavity. All WTE toys we carry will stand up to endless licking and a lot of nibbling but are not meant for prolonged super-chewing sessions. These types of fillable toys perform even better when filled and then frozen. Dogs should be monitored while working on these toys and when empty, the toy should be removed and put out of reach.




  • larger fill hole on one end, small air hole at the other end
  • designed and manufactured in the USA
  • FDA-compliant, non-toxic and recyclable 
  • sustainably harvested rubber
  • veterinarian approved
  • 5" long, 3.25" diameter, 8.4 oz
  • Meet the Brand

    SodaPup is a veteran-owned business with the mission of keeping jobs in America while helping dogs. The founders believe it results in higher quality products that are produced ethically and responsibly. (We couldn't agree more)! They support shelters, rescues and military/working dog organizations, too.  

    They are based in CO.

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    Unused items with all original packaging can be returned within 7 days of delivery.

    In the case of a manufacturing defect, items can be sent back for replacement within 30 days of delivery. Please visit our Returns page for further details.

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