Fit4aPit Got a Big Makeover

Fit4aPit Got a Big Makeover

To all the patient customers who kept coming back to shop, thank you for hanging in there! It was long overdue for a makeover and I put it off as long as I could because it filled me with dread. Because of our e-commerce platform, we had broken connections to Apple Pay, FB and IG for years (this was not something a developer could fix), so we moved the store to another platform and now everything works again. Hooray! Here are just a handful of major improvements that make shopping so much more fun:

IT'S FASTER The new site is super fast, so loading images to take a closer look, searching for what you want and checking out really is a breeze.

SIZE CHARTS ARE EASY TO FIND We have size charts for each item, right below size options and they slide out when clicked (Remember, I promised you no pop-up windows 😁):             infographic about how to find size charts on product pages

ALL INFO IS ON PRODUCT PAGES Easily find features, recommended fit, ingredients, washing instructions, manufacturer info, photo & video reviews and even return policy.  We've organized all the details inside collapsible tabs:

 close up of a product page showing collapsible info tabs


POWERFUL SEARCH You can now filter products by type, price, color or size: 

close up of category page showing available product filters


EASILY REVIEW & UPLOAD PICS OF YOUR PUPS  You can now add photo & video reviews directly onto product pages or to the reviews page:


A screenshot of a product page showing where to find the button to leave a review



A screenshot of a product review upload page

Q & A  Ask me questions about products right on the page and I'll answer right away. And all Q & A will be visible, so your questions help everyone:


A screenshot of a product page showing where to ask a question


EXPANDED WISHLISTS Save your favorite products for later, share lists and add out-of-stock items to be automatically notified as soon as we restock:


close up of website showing where to find Product Wish List feature


MORE WAYS TO SAVE  We have a rewards program! You'll get points for signing up and will continue to earn each time you purchase, review, refer a friend, and share to social. You can even get points for your birthday or your pup's gotcha day. Points can be used for $ or % discounts on orders. 

SO MANY NEW PRODUCTS In addition to all the snazzy tech upgrades, I've also added tons of new products and I restocked some of your favorites. I wanted the launch to be as exciting as possible, so I kept all the new stuff and restocks on the downlow 'til now. 😎

I'm an avid online shopper and this is exactly how I wish all stores would function so I hope you enjoy shopping it as much as I do. Our fun & fresh new facade was created with much help from my dear friend Natasha who owns Lux55. Not only is she a creative & talented designer, she's also an expert in development, branding, and marketing. We've been working together for many years and I can't recommend her enough.  If you're looking for help in any or all of those areas, she's a superstar ⭐️

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